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Air Conditioner Cleaning

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If you have CIRS It is particularly important to get your air conditioner cleaned regularly by a professional, this is the only way to remove the mold. For most people air conditioning cleaning is recommended annually but for CIRS it may be best to get it done bi-annually.
A llergies
Running your air conditioner, can reduce humidiy and allergens like mold and dust. However, it can also become a source of mold, which is why you need to get your air conditioner cleaned regularly.
tips for LOST (ie sensory hypersensitivity) include:- Constantly running the air conditioner can be a trigger if you are suffering from a noise sensitvity condition like misophonia or hyperacussis. If you need to run it be sure to turn it off and have a break regularly. If you smell a bad odour coming from air conditioner, it is time for a clean.
Many people with MCS have vasomotor rhinitis. Cool air blowing from the air conditioner can be a trigger for VMR, make sure to direct the air flow away from you if have MCS. Another concern is the cleaning chemicals used by many air conditioner professionals. This should not deter you from having your air conditioner cleaned regularly, you simply need to make informed choices and make yourself sparse while cleaning is being performed, Also air out your home afterwood. For MCS I have found Enzyme Cleaning better than chemical cleaning, this is done by companies like Sanitair. Also I need to ensure they do not apply the mold preventer at the end of cleaning. Which means I do need to get more air conditioner cleaned more regularly.
How to clean your air conditioner

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Cleaning the filters can improve air quality and efficiency.

Lifting the lid on your air conditioner

It’s important to clean your air conditioner to maintain good air quality in your home. Filters inside air conditioners are designed to catch dust and microbes, but if not cleaned regularly they can clog up and collect moisture and even mould. That’s not good for you or for your air conditioner.

Regularly cleaning your air conditioner will also mean better energy efficiency and lower running costs.

The following advice is based on split-system air conditioners (the most common type in Australian homes) but it broadly applies to ducted and wall-window models too.

Air conditioner cleaning cheat-sheet

Every use

  • Run the ‘dry out’ program if your air conditioner has it. This evaporates the moisture that’s condensed on the heat exchanger, preventing mould and foul odours.


  • Clean and/or replace filter screens in the indoor unit of a split-system, or as per the instructions for your ducted system. (Do this more often if your air conditioner is always on, you live in a very dusty environment or you experience a noticeable drop in performance.)
  • Wipe down the indoor unit or any ducts or vents with a soft damp cloth.


  • Clean the outdoor unit and remove vegetation/obstructions/spiders as necessary.
  • Inspect HEPA or carbon filters and replace as necessary.
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