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Microbalance Wellness – EC3 Mold Removal Products

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Microbalance Health Products has a range of products that are helpful to anyone with mold sensitivity and anyone who wants a healthier home.

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Our Experience

I have no hesitation in recommending this product, but if very sensitive, it is prudent to get just a little to sample and test for tolerance.

Being incredibly sensitive to chemical and scents I had some concerns about using this product.  It did have a scent, mildly citrus but quite pleasant.  The scent dissappeared quite quickly, along with what we wanted to go -some musty moldy smells. While I usually react to products, I had no noticeable reaction, however I did get my husband to apply the product and do the remediation (e.g. vacuum, wipe down afterwards) while I stayed outside.  Hubby says it was an easy product and process to do.   Since using this product I have had some noticeable improvements in well being and energy.  I am careful at the moment not to use the products everyday (as recommended) as I have a tendency to be come sensitised to anything that I have ongoing or high exposure to, even things that would normally be fine   – but I am extreme!

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