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Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) concerns

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Many people with EI report a worsening of symptoms from an exposure to electromagnetic frequencies.  EMF sensitvity is a very controversial disorder, it is recognised as an ideopathic environmental illness by the World Health Organisation (WHO) along with MCS, however most scientist believe it is a nocibo /psychosomatic condition with no scientific basis.  Despite emerging evidence to the contrary.

EMF/RF (negative ions): Electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) and radio frequencies (RF) are a huge topic beyond the scope of this short paragraph, however, it is important to note that Apple and all other companies producing wireless devices are required by law to include warnings about usage and cancer after conclusive evidence of the correlation between these unnatural frequencies and cancer has been irrefutable in studies across the world. You can find it in your owner’s manual. These unnatural frequencies interfere with our bodies natural frequencies and impede functional health in every one of our cells down to the smallest electron. They are emitted from Wi-Fi routers, cell phones, cell towers, computers, laptops, iPad, radios, smart meters, and wireless home technology, electricity in the walls and circuits, cordless phones (other than 900 MHz), televisions, wireless speakers and sound systems and electrical appliances.

Protecting yourself from exposure to EMF can be difficult in our current modern society environment, but there are some steps you can take to protect yourself at home.  Here are some tips by building biologist found at

Simple Tips to Reduce Your Exposure

This will depend on the source of the exposure.

  1. DISTANCE is your friend– its called the inverse square law and it essentially means as you double the distance away from the EMF source, you will reduce your exposure to it by 75%. Its the cheapest, simplest and most effective advice I can give. Keep at least a metre away from EMFs especially in areas where you spend time such as the bed, favourite couch, desk and so on.
  2. Shielding is a last resort if you are unable to eliminate the source of the field. Shielding is used to reduce ones exposure to electric fields and to radiofrequencies, however it is not effective against AC magnetic fields.
  3. Earthing mats maybe useful to reduce your body voltage (AC electric field) but will do nothing to address the AC magnetic fields emitted from appliances, or radiofrequency fields emitted from wireless devices
  4. Demand switches and contactors placed in the fuse box may reduce exposure to AC electric and AC magnetic fields
  5. Put the cell phone and ipad in flight mode when using a digital device
  6. Don’t use digital devices two hours before bed as the blue light is a powerful inhibitor of melatonin which is important to induce sleep

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