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Air pollution is a commonly overlooked cause of illness, toxicity and non specific symptoms.

When exposed to high levels of indoor air pollution we can experience Building related illness  or Sick Buidling Syndrome. These can cause illness or symptoms that we may not think to link to the air we are breathing. Such as headaches or migraines, concentration problems, rashes, coughing, wheezing, irritability.

Some people are more vulnerable to air pollutant concerns than others.  For example the young, the elderly and people with certain medical conditions.

There is some evidence that both indoor and outdoor pollutants can be more problematic to us when we are sick, exhausted or stressed: physically, emotionally, infectious, toxicant.

Living in a healthy home (external link) with good air quality, can provide symptom relief to many with chronic health concerns and non specific symptoms – often significant.

If you feel better when you leave work for the day or over the weekend you may have an environmental illness such as sick building syndrome, or occupational exposure disease. Occupational exposure diseases can often be reversed if identified early.



Environmental Illness



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