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Chemicals are stored in body fat. When the fat is “broken down” with dieting (it enters the blood before being “burned” as energy), the chemicals stored there also enter the blood. People with toxic injury can often experience increased symptoms with dieting.  Particularly if also experiencing fatty liver or porphyria (primary or secondary).


If you are overweight and need to diet, you should do so slowly aiming for no more than ½ kilo weight loss a week.  Do not rely on diet pills, laxatives, or fad diets. It is better to avoid sugar and eat more fibre containing food. Do not overly restrict calorie intake, fast or follow a low carb – no sugar diet, if you have been diagnosed with porphyria.


If your symptoms are still significant or worsen whilst following these weight loss guidelines contact your health professional.  If losing weight is difficult for you, simply try to maintain your weight.

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