5. Infections

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Low grade chronic infections are common to people with NID – EI (CFS, other).  Gut infections (candida, SIBO), Mycoplasma infections, viral infections (e.g. EBV, CMV),  fungi  infections (e.g. Aspergillus), Sinus infections, Staph infections,e o other may be occurring.  While malaise and sick role behaviour may be present, infections may be missed as many people with NID – EI do not present with fever. Poor temperature regulation and thyroid issues (often missed!).

Steps 1 to 4 can be helpful for strengthening a weakened immune system, to a level where it will start to kill of infections more effectively.  However additional support may be necessary e.g. antibiotics, antifungals.

Heat Therapy and FIR Sauna Therapy can help  raise temperature which can be helpful in the fight against chronic infections.  However antibiotics, antifungals, Nasal EDT for MarCons, and other interventions may be necessary.

When the body fights infections (with or without additional support) increased toxins can be released into the body and cause increased infections and flares in symptoms.  Toxin binders can help with this.

Treating lyme  or lyme like infections can be particularly challenges and needs an expert like Dr Klinghardt or some trained by Dr Klinghardt or others who are experts in Lyme Disease.

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