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These are some tips for reducing exposures to environmental triggers for fatigue and multisystem symptoms.

Very helpful for (C)  CIRS, (A) Allergies, (L) LOST/sensory overload, (M) MCS – chemical injury.

Aches and Pains

  • Regardless of the cause you can usually turn down the volume on your aches and pains (reduce them) with stress and anxiety management and PACING (ie going slower and alternating between rest and activity).  Light therapy, Heat Therapy, FIR or NIR Sauna Therapy has also been scientifically proven to help many with aches and pains.    As has movement and exercise (very cautiously and gradual e.g. GET for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)*.


*evidence suggests that exercise and GET should be avoid for  very severe CFS and CPS

ADL Support needs

  • If you are getting support with your Activities of Daily Living  (family, friend, home care service) make sure it is provided by people with a good understanding of your condition and in an appropriate way. That is in a way that does not  increase your exposure to hypersensitivity -symptom triggers.  (C)(A)(L)(M)

Air Conditoner

* Chose cleaning products carefully for multiple chemical sensitivity. Enzyme cleaning may be best!

Air Filter Device

  • Choose a good quality air filter device with HEPA filtering, but no ozone (e.g. Air Oasis) (C) (A) (M)
  • Do not run on high speed initially, build up to this to help avoid detox reactions (C)(M)
  • If aggravating noise sensitivity take a break (L)

Air Freshener

  • JUST DON'T USE IT it can contain "toxic ingredients" and irritants(L) (M)
  • Open your windows frequently - fresh air is usually the  best air freshener  (C) (A*)(L*)(M*)
  • Baking Soda/bi carb  is a natural fragrane free air freshener  (L) (M)
  • You can also make your own air freshener with natural non toxic ingredients.
  • Safer air freshner choices are available - see good guide.org or ewg.org

A* - open windows can be a problem for people with Allergic Rhinitis during allergy season - spring.  Screens with filters can be fitted to windows.

L* - close window during periods of time of high noise or high fumes / smells, smoke

M* - during times of high fumes, high smells, smoke and neighbours using chemical products nearby, is not the ideal time to open your window.  However your windows should be opened at least once daily!


Aluminium Foil

  • Only use if absolutely necessary (M)

Animal Dander

  • Leave pets outside, or at least outside your bedroom (C) (A)(M)
  • If you have inside pets - vacuuming regularly and good pet hygiene is very important (C) (A) (M)


  • Whilst a negative and unhelpful attitude is unlikey to be the cause of your illness, it can amplify pain and symptoms and slow the healing process and increase inner tensions and relationship tensions. It is best to practise gratitude and do things like ANT therapy (by Dr Amen)  or Amygdala Retraing  (e.g. Gupta) or  Neural Retraining (e.g. NOI DIM/SIM- Lorrimer Mosely or DNR - Hooper) to help counter unhelpful negative and limiting beliefs.  If negative thoughts and emotions are triggered by severe exhaustion or brain trauma/injury (which is beyond your conscious control)- time out and practising mindfulness - (awareness but detachment) can be helpful until they pass. Don't act on them.



  • Bake in glassware like Pyrex when ever appropriate to do so (M)
  • Safer choices that are alternative to glassware for baking include Silicon and PFOA free bakeware e.g. Neoflam. (M)

Baking Powder

  • Choose Alumium Free Baking Powder (M)


Baking Soda

  • Baking soda (bicarb) does not contain aluminium so you do not have to pay extra for this (M)
  • Make Baking Soda one of your best friends, it is fragrance free, non toxic and low irritant and can be used for a very wide range of things - cleaning, personal care, cooking. (L) (M)

Balanced Diet

  • Eat a healthy balanced diet based on whole foods (not processed) adjusted for allergies and food intolerance as applicable.  (A)(M)
  • Limit Sugar and treats to small amounts.  Only cut out sugar completely if advised to by your doctor. (C)


  • Use small bins inside and empty daily for mold, smell and pest control (C) (A) (L)
  • Use fragrance free garbage bags (L) (M)
  • Wash bin out frequently (C) (A) (L) (M)


  • Consider alternatives to paper books like E-Readers (C) (A) (L) (M)
  • You may also like audio books (C)(A)(L*)(M)

*Some peoples voices on audio books may be triggers for people with Misophonia noise sensitivity if severe.


Care Coordination

  • NID-EI is a very complex condition it can cause symptoms that overlap with allergies, depression, dementia, Parkinsons and MS.  No wonder some care is needed. Care however is best if well co ordinated. Some tips can be found at https://www.carergateway.gov.au/care-co-ordination-and-case-management

Carpet Cleaning

  • Remove carpet from your home, then there is no need for cleaning carpet from trapped dirt, allergens, and chemicals. (C)(A)(M)
  • Vacuum at twice weekly, more often for pets and lots of people (C)(A)(M)
  • Use a Vacuum with HEPA technology (C)(A)(M)
  • Delegate task*, or wear ear muffs for noise sensitivity (L)
  • Use on eco friendly non toxic cleaning services like CHEMDRY (A)(M*)

*if very fatigued delegate task to another household member or consider a cleaning service

*M* if very severely chemically sensitive even eco friendly non toxic carpet cleaning services, may use substances that are symptom triggering.



  • Use in home construction if appropriate to do so.  It is  long lasting, low maintenance, and  low chemical emissions (M) (L*)

(*L) used on roofs colorbond can be noisy in the rain. It needs to be well insulated with a noise reducing product.


  • Choose easy to dust alternative to curtains (C)(A)
  • Ensure alternatives are low emissions VOCS e.g. greenguard certified (M)
  • If you have curtains wash frequently (C)(A)(M).  A low irritant fragrance free product is often best. (L) (M)
A, B, C, D, E, F,  more – coming soon


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