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Category: Reduce Triggers

Air Pollution

4 months ago

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27 total views, 1 views today Air pollution is a commonly overlooked cause of illness, toxicity and non specific symptoms. When exposed to high levels of indoor air pollution we can experience Building related illness  or Sick Buidling Syndrome. These can cause illness or symptoms that we may not think to link to the air we are breathing.…


4 months ago

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12 total views, no views today Untreated infections (acute or low grade and chronic) can cause inflammation and toxicities in the body, making you exhausted and more stressor sensitive than usual. If infections go untreated you can develop complications.  You may also accumulate histamines in your body, particularly if DOA enzyme deficient.  This can cause or…

Odour and fragrance sensitivity

4 months ago

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23 total views, 1 views today If you are sensitive to odours and fragrances you may experience symptom relief if you reduce your exposures. There are now many low odour and fragrance free products available.  However you can not simply go by the claims on packages, you need to do your research and sample products to test…

Gut Issues

4 months ago

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18 total views, no views today Gut issues are very  common they impact around 1 in 10 people.  Most people with toxicity, exhaustion and sensitivity related illnesses and conditons experience gut issues – if not all.. If you  experience a lot of digestive upsets it is important to see your doctor.  It may be sign of…

Diet and Nutrition

4 months ago

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8 total views, no views today Poor diet and nutrition can increase your risk of exhaustion and toxicity, and amplify unpleasant symptoms and pain. It is important to eat a healthy diet, based mostly on “unprocessed” wholefoods. As a general rule most people will experience improvements in their health and well being if they simply follow…

Lack of Light and Sunshine

4 months ago

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70 total views, no views today Lack of sunshine and light can lead to depression and low levels of the sleep hormone Melatonin and low levels of Vitamin D.  Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to increased infections, poor sleep, low energy and pain.  Emerging evidence suggests the most beneficial time to expose yourself to light…