NID/EI issues

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Common underlying issues include


  • Digestive problems and microbiome alterations
  • Methylation Impairments
  • low glutathione /Sulfation Impairment
  • Cell danger response and mitochondrial dysfunction
  • Immunoexcitotoxicity caused by excess glutamate
  • Malnutrition – nutritional deficiencies – poor diet or medical disorders like Pyrrole, Celiac,  IBD
  • Weakened immune system – chronic low grade infections
  • Sensitised immune system (MCAS) and /or Sensitised Nervous system – Functional Nerve Disorders/ Central Sensitivity Syndromes.
  • High Oxidative stress
  • Overactivation of the Survival Stress Response – Limbic/HPA Axis impairment
  • When very severe this can be a sign of nerve injury and severe brain trauma – CPS, toxic brain injury  or  toxic encephalopathy
  • Another way to look it at is that people with NID-EI have multisystem disturbance that feed into one another and make symptom Linger.


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