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Why does my washing machine smell so bad?

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32 total views, no views today There can be many causes for a smelly washing machine. Odors can be caused by a build-up of bacteria, slime, mildew or soap scum, accumulating in the internals. Odor can also be due to poor drainage from the washer which will cause the dirty water to become stagnant in the […]

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Clothes Dryer

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39 total views, no views today Clothes dryers are a popular home appliance, and can definitely make life easier, especially during times  of poor weather (rain/other),  however they do come with some concerns. Clothes DRYER     Pros Cons Overcoming Cons CIRS Can create humidity and more mold if not vented properly Clean the dryer lint […]

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Healthiest Dusting Tips

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43 total views, no views today Dust is yuk.  It is full of mold spores, chemicals, skin cells, hair, other.  Dust regularly with microfiber or damp cloth, not feather duster. Keeping a home free of dust as much as possible is recommended, especially for people with CIRS, Allergies or EI – MCS /Mast Cell Disorders, and […]

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ADL Support Needs Assessment

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67 total views, no views today Any one with more severe fatigue and functional impairments due to a disability or  illness, (including Environmental Illness) will usually require support with their Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s). Assessment of support needs can be done by an Occupational Therapist, or in home care services, however, it must be noted, […]

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Cleaning Burnt pots and pans

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46 total views, no views today To clean pots and pans without the use of high chemical products Cover the burnt area with equal quantities of water and vinegar. Bring to the boil, remove from heat and soak overnight.   CALM CIRS Allergies Lost MCS/MCAS 🙂 Safe * Safe Safe Safe   *when boiling water in […]

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Pyrrole disorder – Nutritional support can help alleviate depression and anxiety

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38 total views, no views today Around 10% of the population have a poorly known genetic condition called Pyrrole Disorder.  A very common symptom of pyrrole disorder is anxiety and depression that can be difficult to alleviate with standard treatments ie medication, psychological treatments and lifestyle changes.  You need to compensate for nutritional deficiencies caused by […]

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Heat Therapy for CFS

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70 total views, no views today Patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, reported increased energy, less pain and better mood with the use of heat/thermal therapy – Fir Sauna Therapy.* These benefits were observed in patients who stayed in an infrared sauna for 15-minutes, then rested under a blanket for an additional 30-minutes.   Note: * an […]

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