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Tag: Food

Dieting Warning

3 months ago

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14 total views, 1 views today   Chemicals are stored in body fat. When the fat is “broken down” with dieting (it enters the blood before being “burned” as energy), the chemicals stored there also enter the blood. People with toxic injury can often experience increased symptoms with dieting.  Particularly if also experiencing fatty liver or porphyria…

Food Cooking and Storage

4 months ago

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29 total views, 1 views today Food Cooking It is best to keep meal preparation simple, cooking in non toxic cookware like glass, PFOA free non stick cook ware, or very good quality stainless steel.  Cheap and scratched stainless steel should be discarded as it can leach nickel into food. Cook with electricity rather than gas if…

Minimising Food Toxicant Exposures & Intolerance Reactions

4 months ago

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42 total views, 1 views today Pesticides used in agriculture can be a concern. While preventative measures are taken to minimise exposure to pesticides and keep exposures to harmless levels. Sometimes foods do contain higher levels of pesticides.  This may be more prevalent in imported food and also in the Dirty Dozen ( – USA relevance). As…