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Microbalance Wellness – EC3 Mold Removal Products

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68 total views, 2 views today Microbalance Health Products has a range of products that are helpful to anyone with mold sensitivity and anyone who wants a healthier home. View EC3 mold removal products (independently tested) – You may also be interested in Achieving Wellness Through Environmental, Nutritional, & Immune System Awareness LEARN: SHOP: CALL: […]

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Indoor Plants

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57 total views, no views today Indoor Plants   CIRS 🙁 Mold Concerns – particularly if soil is kept too damp   LOST ALLERGIES Mold Concerns, but these may be negated somewhat by covering soil with pebbles, and by not overwatering ie keep soil dryer, rather than wetter.   MCS 🙂 Indoor plants can be effective […]

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58 total views, no views today CALM 🙁 Carpet CIRS 🙁 Carpet can be a source of mold, especially in areas that have become wet.  Carpet should never be laid in wet areas like the bathroom, and should be removed if home has been flooded. If mold is not too bad it can be removed by […]

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