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Tag: Low Mold

Cleaning and Dust Removal

4 months ago

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38 total views, no views today     Living in a clean home that is low in dust, mold and germs is one of the healthy home principles. There 7 principals. These are discussed at and other resources. A healthy home can improve health and reduce symptoms related to a number of health conditions including EI.…

Reading Material

4 months ago

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20 total views, no views today   Books and other paper reading material can quickly become a haven for dust and mold spores. The materials and ink can be aggravating to those with high chemical sensitivity.  For reading you may find an e-reader or reading on line a better alternative. Some people find placing material inside…

Controlling Air Quality

4 months ago

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15 total views, no views today Your air quality can be improved significantly by creating a healthy home. However you may also require some air purification devices.  Improving air quality can provide symptom relief to people with EI – often very significant. AIR FILTERS: There are special air filter devices that can greatly assist persons with…

Controlling Exposures In Your Bedroom

4 months ago

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8 total views, no views today   Since most people spend 7 to 8 hours daily in bed, it is critical that the bedroom is free of toxins, mold, allergens and noxious (or aggravating) sensory stimuli like noise, fumes and light. The Sleep Foundation provides some tips on how to create a sensory friendly bedroom that…

Measuring Exposure Limits

4 months ago

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9 total views, no views today   Measuring exposure levels of mold, chemical, and other pollutants  in the home or workplace can be expensive. For many people it is not necessary, as they can be seen and easily remedied by following standard recommendations for creating a healthy home.  For others however measuring exposure limits can provide…

Building and Renovating Warning

4 months ago

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17 total views, no views today Building and renovating can be very exhausting and stressful. What is more it can increase your exposure to toxicants and irritants.   Demolation, removing carpets and building products can all do this. There are safer building materials and supplies available, – water based and low odour- emissions (VOC). are usually…

EI exposure management guide Intro

4 months ago

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128 total views, 1 views today     If you have chronic pain and fatigue and lots of symptoms (physical, and other) which do not relent with standard medical treatments, there is a  chance that you have Central Sensitivity Syndromes, and underlying toxic injury and Environmental Illness. When a person has enviromental illness they experience symptoms or…