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Free Electronic Greeting cards

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78 total views, no views today Sending electronic greeting cards, is a great outlet for you creativity, as you can customise them to your liking.  What is more they reduce your exposure to paper, which can be a source of mold and chemical gases (VOCS) like solvents.  Using E Cards is also a better option for […]

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55 total views, no views today CALM 🙂 (however the process of decluttering can be triggering if not paced and managed well) Minimalism CIRS Less stuff means less dust (and mold) collectors and also less tidying and cleaning (easier to pace with CIRS fatigue) ALLERGIES LOST Less stuff means reduced risk of “sensory overload” MCS Less […]

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On line Grocery Shopping

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104 total views, no views today Going to the shops to get groceries can be a real pain, especially when fatigued, and experiencing EI related hypersensitivities.  An alternative to doing this, that is simpler and more C.A.L.M-ing is online grocery shopping. C IRS 🙂 Can be simpler when experiencing CIRS related fatigue A LLERGIES L OST […]

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